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Why Buy From Us?

Reasons why you should buy your Kia from Kia of Murfreesboro

At KIA of Murfreesboro, we strive to deliver an experience far beyond that available at other dealerships. We promise to make your car shopping experience easy, relaxed and customized to your individual needs, giving you the power of choice. We care about more than just selling you a vehicle. We’re dedicated to helping you buy the right car, the right way and with the right payment. We do this by giving every customer a variety of choices related to vehicle selection, finance options and post-purchase services. It’s no secret that when you choose, you win. That’s why KIA of Murfreesboro is the right choice.

At KIA of Murfreesboro we offer:

  • Multiple Personalized Purchase Plans
  • 72 Hour Vehicle Exchange Policy
  • Tire Rotation for Life Program
  • Price Match Promise

Multiple Personalized Purchase Plans = More Choices

Choices are good. Choices give you the ability to get the vehicle best suited for your needs at a price you’re comfortable with. Without overwhelming you, we provide you with a variety of vehicles to choose from. When we get down to crunching numbers, it’s no different. At KIA of Murfreesboro we provide every customer with around 9-12 different payment options so you can choose which payment option is best suited for your budget. When you choose you win.

72 Hour Vehicle Exchange Policy = Customer Satisfaction

What’s that saying? If at first you don’t succeed, try again? We get it, you don’t always get it right the first time and that’s why we give you the choice to exchange your vehicle. Take advantage of the 72-hour Vehicle Exchange Policy. So if you get home and discover you might be better off with a different vehicle, bring it back and exchange it. Because we mean it when we say we want to get you into the car that’s right for you!

Tire Rotations for Life Program = Exclusive benefits

The more we try to convince you that we’re not like other car dealers, the more we will have to prove it to you. That’s why at KIA of Murfreesboro every new car purchase comes with our exclusive Tire Rotation for Life Program. Seriously, as long as you own your car, purchased with us, we’ll rotate your tires at no additional charge. This way, you get the vehicle that you want and you’ll also get the most out of it.

Price Match Promise = Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing isn’t just a sales pitch at KIA of Murfreesboro. When you leave our dealership, we want you to feel confident that you got the best deal on the vehicle that you wanted. That’s why we promise to match any competitor’s offer on the same vehicle with the same options. All you have to do is bring in the quote with the lower price and we will match it, plus you get the added value of a 72 Hour Vehicle Exchange Policy, Tire Rotations for Life Program and a Personalized Purchase Plan.