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Kia Lease Return Headquarters

Kia Car Lease Return Headquarters of Tennessee - We make lease-returns easy!

Thank you for visiting the Kia Car Lease Return Headquarters, at Kia of Murfreesboro! Returning a leased vehicle has never been easier. At Kia of Murfreesboro, we service in-state and out-of-state Kia car leases. What does that mean to you? It means you will experience ease and flexibility throughout your car lease return process. Whether you leased your car at Kia of Murfreesboro, another Tennessee Kia dealership, or an out-of-state- Kia dealership we will service your car lease. Follow the steps below to begin your car lease return.

First, select a lease-end option: Buy your current Kia, lease or purchase a new Kia, or simply return your current Kia.

How to buy your current Kia:

  1. Request a Buyout Quote from one of our Lease-End Experts at Kia of Murfreesboro
  2. Select a payment option
  3. Make a payment
  4. Receive title release

When you select the Buyout Option, at Kia of Murfreesboro, you can continue driving your car without any interruption. We will send you a title release form once your payment has been processed.

How to Lease or Purchase a New Kia

  1. Find your next Kia by searching our inventory of new vehicles
  2. Contact or stop by Kia of Murfreesboro to schedule a test drive
  3. Turn in your current Kia lease vehicle by following the lease return steps below
  4. Drive off in your new Kia or new Kia lease vehicle the same day

How to Return Your Kia Lease

Lease-returns are easy, at the Kia of Murfreesboro. Kia Finance alerts lessees 120 days in advance of the contract maturity date. This allows you, the lessee, time to start the new car shopping process with Kia of Murfreesboro and/or time to complete your lease-end to do list, so you can return your vehicle with ease. If you are returning your leased car, follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the online self-assessment to identify excess wear and tear
  2. Download the Wear and Use Estimation Tool to assess damaged areas of the vehicle
  3. Make necessary repairs to avoid excess and wear charges
  4. A professional detail is recommended, but not required. However, you should return your car with a clean interior and exterior and free of personal items.
  5. To avoid late fees, turn your car in by the contract maturity date. Contact Kia of Murfreesboro to setup a turn-in time

The Day of Your Appointment:

  1. Complete and sign the Odometer Disclosure Agreement
  2. Return all originally provided equipment
  3. License Plates
  4. Keys
  5. Headrests
  6. Owner's Manual
  7. Cargo covers/nets (if applicable)

Potential Fees to be Aware of

  1. Over-Mileage: When a lessee drives more than the allotted mileage. Ways to avoid this charge include not exceeding allotted mileage, purchasing additional miles, purchasing the vehicle at the end of the lease
  2. Disposition fee: A fee charged upon returning a vehicle. Actual fee listed in the contract terms
  3. Late Charges: Vehicles that are returned after the contract maturity date
  4. Excess Wear: Please complete excess wear online assessment to determine condition of the vehicle

Kia of Murfreesboro is excited to serve the Nashville, Franklin, and Murefreesboro areas! *Servicing Kia car leases from all Tennessee Kia dealerships and out-of-state dealerships.